We join together for live-streamed online worship each Sunday at 10:30 am on YouTube. Video will go live about 10:20 am on Sunday. This service is a live stream service being led by our worship leaders who are inside the Sanctuary at Cross and Crown. You’ll be able to hear Matthew play the prelude as we all prepare for the service which will begin at 10:30 am. Join with others to watch at the same time and check in on the chat feature on your device (but not on a TV).

The service will include Holy Communion. Before worship, you will want to prepare a place in your home for the bread and wine/juice. You may use any form of bread. You may also commune in one kind, either the bread or the wine.

The service will be recorded and available for viewing during the week. So, even if you can’t watch “live” you will still be able to worship.

Out of caution and care, we have suspened in-person worship at this time. 

View the Service of the Word on YouTube >


Each of us is aware of the pandemic and its impact. Whether we have been personally affected by the virus or have walked with individuals and communities who are suffering in one way or another, few of us have been immune.

The virus has struck at one of the primary marks of the church: the gathered community. But, that is where it finds its fuel. So, out of an abundance of care and caution, the council has determined that is it necessary to suspend in-person, gathered worship.

This was not an easy decision to make. It was not made in haste. As you are aware, many modifications have been made to make gathered worship possible for as long as was prudent. But the rising numbers of cases and the stress on our healthcare providers, the exposures that members of our community have experienced, and the recommendation of Bishop Gafkjen have all factored into this decision. You may read Bishop Gafkjen’s letter HERE.


This does not mean that Cross and Crown will not worship. We will offer worship lead by Matthew Rhea, Deacon Marilyn, and a limited number of worship assistants which will include Holy Communion in the Home. These services will be live-streamed by Lisa Stocks and a technical assistant each Sunday at 10:30 am and will be recorded for viewing and worship later in the day. Currently, we are hoping to offer in-person services starting Palm Sunday.

This does not mean that Cross and Crown will not be church. Church is more than gathering face-to-face. It is even more than worship. It is those things, to be sure. But it is also the service that we provide to those in need and the witness that we give to the Gospel, perhaps most powerfully by our actions. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will open our hearts to new ways to serve and to trust that even our act of not gathering will bear witness to our solidarity and empathy with those who suffer directly from the rages of this virus. Even as we make this sacrifice, may it be a sacrifice that gives honor to the God who calls us to love others as ourselves.

Services under normal ciRcumstances

When we are not coping with a pandemic, here is our typical Sunday schedule:

Our Sunday morning service features a traditional, liturgical Lutheran worship style. All are welcome! We share Holy Communion every Sunday at each service. A nursery is available for infants through pre-K from 9:00 am until the end of the worship service. 

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule (Starting Sept 15 to Memorial Day):

  • 9:00 am - Christian Education
  • 10:30 am - Worship Service

Summer Schedule (Memorial Day to Sept 8)

  • 9:30 am - Worship Service
  • 10:45 am - Summer Sundays Fellowship/Youth Activities